Mission and Values

Camplus Guest is a network of accommodations that is always focused on one person: its guest.

A new formula, derived from 20 years of experience in the hospitality sector, which, for the entire Camplus network, means going beyond just offering comfortable, functional spaces.

Choosing Camplus Guest means joining a valuable network in which relationships are never transient. It means diving into a creative, dynamic, design-oriented environment, where the ample common spaces stimulate your curiosity and allow you to meet travellers, students, and professionals, all in one place.

Functional, modern rooms, as well as areas to work, relax, work out, watch TV, socialise… Fascinating, avant-garde places, with flexible solutions that create a mix providing you a valuable experience. And thus, what was meant to be merely a short stay turns into an unexpected encounter, and a lonely evening turns into an opportunity to meet different people in different walks of life.