Camplus offers flexible and differentiated hospitality solutions, including for short stays. Through its three services – Colleges, Apartments and Guest – it offers accommodation solutions for every need: colleges, residences and apartments for university students, holiday homes, residences and guest houses for tourists and off-site workers.

Since 1985, we have been the leader in the management of property assets, the design of all-round residential solutions, with a particular focus on university students’ residences, and pioneers in Italy in the social housing field.

Camplus was created in 2007 from the partnership of the Fondazione C.E.U.R. (European University and Research Centre), legally recognised in 1991 by the M.I.U.R. (Ministry of Education, University and Research), and a member of the C.C.U.M. (University Colleges of Merit Conference) and the Fondazione Falciola, founded in 1995 as a social housing organisation with a mission to foster a concept of residential training and education through works, spaces and services. In 2017, the two Foundations merged, thereby bringing together a vast heritage of expertise acquired in more than twenty years of activity.

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• Who are the students I might meet in Camplus?
Camplus College is recognised and accredited by the M.I.U.R., for this reason it only takes top university students. At Camplus, you will meet future doctors, engineers, architects and humanists from the best Italian faculties.

• Who takes care of these meritorious students?
Each establishment offers students high-level residential services and numerous educational opportunities in parallel with their studies (tutorials, language courses, professional guidance, internationalisation and community activities). The Management guides the progress of each student through continuous opportunities for discussion and assistance with their choices.

• What advantage do I get from sleeping in an establishment that also accommodates top students?
Our students have made Camplus their home in respect for others and the spaces available. Having permanent guests generates continuous feedback about the services offered within the establishment, which makes it easier to constantly improve them.

• Does Camplus offer solutions other than the “Guest” model?
Camplus has more than 6,700 beds in the main cities: Bologna, Catania, Cesena, Cuneo, Ferrara, Florence, Milan, Palermo, Parma, Rome, Turin and Venice, in addition to Pamplona in Spain.
Le soluzioni sono molteplici: appartamenti, residence, studentati, strutture ibride: un’offerta pensata per soddisfare qualsiasi esigenza abitativa di lunga e breve permanenza.

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